who deyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

The Cincinnati Bengals made it to the SUPER BOWL!!!!!!! Can you even believe it?? Watching the playoffs this year has been the most stressful thing I have done in a long time LOL And I have realized that my kids can never play sports because I would 1000% be the crazy lady in the stands HA But really, I am way into the Bengals right now and would LOVE if they brought home that trophy!!! We are planning a little Super Bowl with the family and I wanted to share some fun things for the kids! Because let's be honest, the kids don't have any intention of watching the game, just shouting out "WHO DEY!" all day lol So I've prepared some cute activities and yummy food to keep them entertained!

who dey garland

To get ready for our party we made Cincinnati Bengal's colored garland to hang around the house. This one was really easy (didn't require a shopping trip for us!) and perfect for working on all those fine motor skills! All you need is:

  1. Black and Orange Construction Paper
  2. Tape
  3. Scissors

cincinnati bengals garland craft for kids super bowl fun

DIY BEngals Tee

I'm a little ashamed to say that my kids do not own any Bengals apparel, so during the Super Bowl they will get to make their own! I'm positive they will be amazing and the Bengals will be knocking down our door to get them in mass print LOL But seriously, do you think my five year old can make "WOU DEA" a thing? <3

This activity requires a bit more $$ but we found everything [t-shirts, fabric markers, puffy paint and pom poms] at Michael's and saved some money with their coupons!

DIY cincinnati bengals t-shirts for super bowl activities for kids

Bengals tiger perler beads

This one I'm super excited for! We love perler beads but have not gotten these pre-packaged kind and I think the kids will really enjoy copying the design! And it should keep them entertained for a good amount of time! I found these cuties also at Michael's for only $2!

cincinnati bengals super bowl craft for kids


I'm pretty sure this will be the favorite activity of the evening- decorating cookies!!! We are pretty crunchy when it comes to what we eat so food colorings and sprinkles are pretty hard to come by. But I found these naturally colored sprinkles and food coloring at Whole Foods and I know my kids are going to go nuts with this!!!! My plan is to put some frosting in plastic bags, snip the corners and let them decorate! We've also got the best cookies around - Sweet Loren's!! We love them for so many reasons- they are gluten free, plant based, non-GMO, safe to eat raw and DELICIOUS!!! Do I already regret the amount of sugar they are going to ingest, why yes, yes I do. LOL

  1. Giant box of frosting from Trader Joe's
  2. White and orange sprinkles from Whole Foods
  3. Food coloring from Whole Foods
  4. Our favorite cookies- Sweet Loren's
cincinnati bengals cookies for super bowl fun
healthy cookies for cincinnati bengals football game

the menu

Well it wouldn't be a Cincinnati party without that SKYLINE CHILI!! Because of all of our families special dietary restrictions, we make our own. Scratch that, my mom makes it LOL And then of course I hit up my favorite grocery store, Trader Joe's for lots of other goodies! Want to know my other fav grocery store, click here! And then of course, beer for me and hubs! And wine, yes, wine, for my fancy pants mom and sister LOL What are your favorite game day treats?!

family fun in cincinnati, ohio

LET's GO BENGALS!!!!!!!!

I hope you found this helpful! I will be sharing all of this in action over on my Instagram stories if you want to check it out. Enjoy the game! WHO DEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY