Meet The Mercer's.

Being back in Cincinnati has been amazing. I'm surprised at how familiar and yet so foreign the city feels to me. I left Cincinnati when I graduated high school and coming back as a wife and mom AND photographer really changes how I view the city. High school me could tell you how to get to all my friends houses and downtown for a Red's game but now it's all about finding the best play grounds, fun date nights, and the best are places that double as great adventures for the kids AND amazing photo session locations [like this one right here]! I'm really enjoying exploring the city with my family while also feeling that familiarity of being "home". One of the best parts about being back though, is reconnecting with friends I haven't seen in over 10 years! And meeting their families who I've watched grow up on social media. And now it's so fun being back and seeing our kids play together and hear about their story and their lives now. I can't wait to see more old friends - something about those kids you grow up with just has a special place in your heart, ya know? <3

I was so happy when Emily reached out about getting family photos done! Emily and I were bffs back in the day and I haven't seen her since high school! She ended up marrying Nick, a guy we also went to school with but was a year older. They went to OSU together and fell in love and now they have this ADORABLE FAMILY. It was so good seeing them & how happy they were <3

Thank you Emily & Nick for hanging out at Caesaer's Creek with me! Love how this end of summer session turned out!