You wont regret it.

It wasn't until I had three kids that I started being really adamant about family photos twice a year. That means I missed FOUR years of family photos with my kids, and TWO years of photos with just my honey. And man, I wish I had known better. I cannot go back in time and get those captured beautifully memories back, but what I can do is make sure I work hard to not let the time slip through the cracks anymore. I know its cliché that I'm a photographer telling you why you should get photos done, but hear me out as a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter.


Like a lot of things that are important, they take time and effort- the same goes for family photos. They may not ever feel convenient because lets face it, life is so busy- work, school, laundry, play dates, sickness, sports, maintaining relationships, and on and on, but that is exactly why it is so important! Life is busy and life is fast and before we know it, we have gray hair and our kids are in college!


We hear it all the time, we blink and they are grown! And we hear it all the time because it's true. A lot can change in a year- your baby can start walking, your once little babe may be too big to hold anymore, big toothless grins start to replace those chubby baby faces, babies turn to toddlers who turn to kids who turn to teenagers and then they are grown!


I mentioned earlier that it took me years to start booking family sessions yearly, and for all those years before, I have a ton of cell phone selfies to show for it. And yall, those don't count! I will not be blowing up a selfie of me and my babe and hanging it as art in my home, as cute as my little bubs may be! And so often, we as women, have hardly any photos with our kids! Change that and get the photos.


If you've ever lost someone, you know the power of a photograph. We won't always be here and a great gift we can leave behind are photos with the ones we love.

5| IT'S FUN!

It may be cheesy, but a good photo session is an experience to be sought after! Whether its a session with my honey or a family session, I looooove getting to spend an hour snuggling up with my favorite people- no screens, no chores, maybe a few tantrums (lol), and lots of laughter! And to top it all off, we get to walk away [well in 2-3 weeks] with some beautiful photos!

red headed daughter hugs dads arm
husband and wife photo session
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picture perfect family of five wearing matching outfits for fall family photos