my top five locations for family photo sessions

Cincinnati has a lot to offer in it's beauty for photo sessions! There is an abundance of beautiful parks, gorgeous brickery that has been around for generations, fun urban locations and a few hidden gems as well! As you are envisioning your session it is important to think about the location and how that will affect the feel and look of your images! I love a tall field of dry grass that gives an image a golden, bright and glowy look! If you've seen my work you already know I love neutrals, warm, golden and bright! So I'm drawn to places with rock or cement or white walls or dead grass and especially, water! Your location will impact your images so keep that in mind as you are working with your photographer to choose a location for your session! There are other things I like to keep in mind when choosing a location as well: drive time, hike time, restrooms, diversity in location, kid-friendliness and popularity/crowd levels! And with that, lets take a look at my top five favorite locations for family sessions in Cincinnati!

1| Summit park

Located in Blue Ash, this park is a great option for your family session! Not only is the park itself beautiful and full of lots of nature- it is conveniently located right next to one of my kids favorite playgrounds in the city as well as some cute restaurants and shops. There is a little walking through the park but nothing that requires a shoe change- and it's stroller friendly! This park is lovely year round but it is my FAVORITE park for those fall sessions! There's also some architecture to add some variety to your gallery if you were looking for both looks!

beautiful family photo session in cincinnati Ohio at summit park in blue ash
fall photo location in cincinnati Ohio
best location for your fall family photos in cincinnati Ohio
best location for your fall photos in cincinnati Ohio

2| French park

This is a crowd favorite in Cincinnati- there are almost always multiple photographers here on any given day of the year. There are plenty of spots to pop around to and I've never run into a photographer not willing to share. In the fall this is where you will find one of Cincinnati's best dry grass fields. The locations are right next to a parking lot so walking is very minimal. However, there is not a restroom on location. In addition to the grassy field there is a historic home, evergreens, sunflower fields and your more typical park scenery. Lots of variety here, very kid friendly and a beautiful choice for your family photos!

best photo locations for families in cincinnati
best photo locations for families in cincinnati
best photo locations for families in cincinnati
best photo locations for families in cincinnati

3| Smale park

If you are looking for urban with a bit of nature this is your spot! There are also some pretty iconic "Cincinnati" spots here. In the heart of downtown Cincinnati- right on the river you will find amazing views of the Roebling Bridge and Ohio River, beautiful urban architecture, and pockets of nature all within a few minutes of walking! You are dealing with downtown so there is the parking to consider and a little bit of the hustle and bustle. In the spring and summer the park is pretty green and has some blooms- in fall the leaves start to change - and winter is pretty brown [my personal fav!]. Overall, a great option for those looking for urban vibes with the option of some nature as well.

family photo session in downtown cincinnati
family photo session in downtown cincinnati
family photo session in downtown cincinnati
family photo session in downtown cincinnati
family photo session in downtown cincinnati
family photo session in downtown cincinnati
family photo session in downtown cincinnati
family photo session in downtown cincinnati

4| Caesar's creek

A beautiful location year round! And not something you think of when you think of Cincinnati- a beach! Caesar's Creek as a whole is a huge park and my favorite spots to shoot at are the beach and the fossil park- about a 10 minute drive apart. There is a little bit of walking here but it is pretty stroller friendly. Plenty of space and has never been over crowded when I've been there. This location is beautiful and great for those adventurers looking for some water shots as well!

5 | My hidden gem

This is my favorite spot in all of Cincinnati and only 20 minutes from my house! There is driftwood, there is sand, there is water, there are luscious dark green trees, it's secluded and after a short ten minute hike from the parking lot it feels like you've stepped into a different world. There is open space to run and play. It is absolutely beautiful and I love being able to offer my clients such a unique location for their Cincinnati photo session!

A few honorable mentions...

Ault Park family photos in cincinnati

Ault park

Gorgeous location- lots of variety. PACKED with photographers. Also, in the spring time this is where you will find the famous cherry blossom trees!

family photos Sharon Woods

sharon woods

Another popular location in Cincinnati. It's a large park with a good amount of options: a creek, bridge, waterfall, fall foliage, a lake, etc.

family photos Eden Park in cincinnati

eden park

Love this location! Has rocks, a bridge, a lake, beautiful overlook. And its a pretty small park so there isn't much walking to get around to the different spots. People love to hangout here so sometimes it's crowded and parking can be difficult but its a great choice!

best locations for fall photos in cincinnati Ohio

parky's farm

Who doesn't want to check out some farm animals during their family photos?! If you haven't been to Parky's Farm- you should definitely check it out! Besides the animals it is a beautiful piece of land with some great spots for photos!

Which one was your favorite?

Cincinnati has a ton of great options for locations for your family photo session! Do you have a favorite that I didn't share- let me know! I'm still exploring this great city and always on the lookout for new locations that my clients will love! If you are interested in booking a session or seeing what mini sessions I offer click here and I will be in touch! <3 Thanks for reading through and I hope you found the perfect location for your upcoming family photo session in Cincinnati!