Meet John and Lindsey [and their baby bump <3]

I went to college with Lindsey's sister, she was actually my RA my senior year and we quickly became best friends. Lindsey and John went to college in the neighboring town in Indiana, but I didn't have the joy of meeting them until we all spontaneously ended up living in the Austin area. Life can be funny like that sometimes, huh? Well the first time I met John and Lindsey was when they made my dreams come true and were my first couple to get in the water at a session! And since then I've gotten to capture their baby announcement and now maternity! And yall, I just LOOOOOOOVE these two - they are SO SO SOOOOO sweet and I just know they are going to be AMAZING parents and I'm so bummed I wont be there to see it! But I was so happy that my last session in Austin was spent with these two <3